What Makes Us Unique

 Marketing for Manufacturers

We get what it's like to run a business in the industrial sector.

Our specialty is helping:

  • Industrials
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Trades Contractors

Spartan Spark's unique position is our great combination of strong engineering and information systems backgrounds combined with strategy and marketing backgrounds.

With 15 years of Search Engine Optimization and online marketing experience, and a successful track record in the industrial space Spartan Spark brings a unique perspective to lead generation through using a customized lead-generation funnel.

We help our clients position themselves as leading experts in their space, increasing sales.

The customized lead generation software was built by Spartan Spark after they saw a gap in the market, today they use it to increase business-to-business sales for their clients.

Spartan Spark Strategy helps small-to-medium sized businesses in the industrial and manufacturing sector create operational efficiencies in the following areas:

Marketing Strategy

  • Market research
  • Online Marketing
  • Marketing strategy to scale the Business


  • Strategy development & implementation
  • Strategy to streamline operations and scale the business
  • Bring your product to market
  • Risk management in business operations
  • Advice on how to strategically scale your business

Technology Advisory

  • Advice on what ERP system is best for your company
  • Integrate data from different technologies
  • Find and alleviate operational bottlenecks
  • Scaling operations, creating consistency
  • Improving productivity and operational efficiency
  • Risk management in software development
  • Review your software and create a roadmap for efficiently scaling the software
  • Assessing Software Development
  • Assessing Software Integration

Spartan Spark has successfully received grants from various government programs for ourselves and our customers. Our work focuses on providing technology and business assessments for small and medium sized companies.

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