The Spartan Spark Process

End-to-End Marketing

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Data Driven Results

Spartan Spark

Unfortunately, our online marketing isn’t for everyone. We’re not a good fit if…

  1. You’re not prepared to implement the strategies and tactics we recommend
  2. You can’t handle a ton of new business
  3. Your advertising budget isn’t healthy

Spartan Spark

Analyze your business from a marketing and strategy perspective.

Understand what's unique about you.

Find out what your customers say they like about you.

Then we get to work, using our proven tools and techniques to get you leads that convert to sales.

- Dafne Canales Lees, Founder

Spartan Spark

We've got 17 years of guerrilla-style marketing under our belts. That experience, combined with our innovative software, gets kickass results.

Think of us like you would a Master Chef – we've figured out which recipes work to cook that juicy steak on the barbecue (sorry vegans!) or make those deadly delicious cupcakes.

Our Process

Through trial and error, we've figured out our own "secret recipes,” recipes to get lots and lots of QUALIFIED visitors to your website, visitors who will start calling and emailing you; increasing sales at your business and signups to your programs.

What's Your Wish

Based on their outstanding work and great relationship we kept them on board to manage the day to day development and operations of the site.

- Mitch Solway - President, Single Parent Love Life Inc.