Getting To Page One On Google

But few companies have the insider digital knowledge, the legion of dedicated programmers, or the hefty budget to hit Page 1 all the time, every time. Enter Spartan Spark.

We have a systematic process for building your marketing adventure (website, social media, SEO), which all ends with great results.

We’ve got software that aligns really well with Google. We call that software spartanOne.

How can anyone keep up with Google’s Algorithm?

Our software monitors changes in Google’s search engine and then takes that data and makes pages that are aligned with Google’s best practices.

We’ve tested and tested and figured out a formula.

We’ve got 17 years of guerilla-style marketing under our belts. That experience, combined with our innovative software, gets rockstar results. That formula means we know exactly how to set up your sales pages and your website to get more people to take action.

Spartan Spark’s proprietary platform is brilliant. Click on the links below to find out more.

Spartan Spark’s platform is built around an algorithm that meshes with Google’s algorithm to push websites to the top of the search engines.

The algorithm was changed 376 times last year, receiving numerous grants and awards both provincially and federally. Learn more about Spartan Spark R&D.

Spartan Spark’s platform aligns so well with Google that we’re able to

save our customers between 16% and 55% on Google Advertising.


After being frustrated with other service providers. Spartan Spark got our website up and linked to a payment system over just a weekend. -Patricia Marin - Calgary Family Services

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