Spartan Spark recently worked with a brand new product, XLEG—the world's best crutch alternative. By creating videos that demonstrate the abilities of the product to the public, potential customers quickly and easily learn everything they need to know.

The Explainer Video

When we work with a brand, we typically start by making 2 videos. The first is the Explainer Video. The Explainer Video shows what the product or service is about. For No Crutches, we produced 2 different explainer videos: the first, before the device was available to share on social media, announcing that their product would be "coming soon"; and the second, once the product was available to demo and we were able to make a more in-depth video.

The Founder Video

The Founder Video helps tie the personal angle to the product or service. We know that people do business with people, not with businesses; and that our clients will increase their conversions by using strategies that create trust between them and their target market.

The Founder Video helps share their personal story and gives visitors a chance to get to know, like, and trust them better.

  Posted: Thursday, August 2nd, 10:00am a year ago
Written By: Cassian Soltykevych

Based on their outstanding work and great relationship we kept them on board to manage the day to day development and operations of the site. -Mitch Solway - President, Single Parent Love Life Inc.

End to End Marketing Process

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The Spartan Spark Process

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