Blogs Are Landing Pages, and Customer Language Is Important

Written By: Bernie Lees  Posted:a month ago

Spartan Spark

When it comes to creating blogs for your business website, it can be helpful to think of them as landing pages. In fact, blogs are landing pages when a customer clicks through to get to your post via a link on social media or another website.

What is interesting is that by calling them blogs we are speaking in our client’s language, whereas ‘landing page’ is an industry term.

How Are Blogs Landing Pages?

  • They help funnel customers through your website
  • They educate potential customers and increase your ‘like’ factor
  • Effective blog posts include a strategic call to action with one main goal (making a purchase, scheduling an appointment, etc.)
  • Statistics on who reads your blog posts, where they clicked from, and whether they clicked on any links in the post can provide important insights for your business

Why Is Customer Language Important for Blogs and Landing Pages?

  • You need to make it clear how you can provide value and meet your customers’ needs
  • You need to explain your products/services in terms that they understand
  • People buy based on how you make them feel. Blogs allow you to connect with your target audience until they are ready to take the next step (signing up or making a purchase).

When it comes to customer language, one technique that is highly recommended is review mining.

Review mining - looking up reviews of books, products, or services in your industry - is a great way to find out what your ideal customers are looking for, unhappy with, or passionate about.

Looking at real customer reviews in your industry can also give you important information about how your target audience talks and the language that they use.

The next step is to use some of that language in your posts to create a deeper sense of connection and familiarity with your brand.

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