With reviews already being such an important part of the consumer process, it’s easy to see how reliance on them will only increase in the future. With apps like YELP and TripAdvisor, reviews are paving the way for some businesses, while blowing out the flame for others. According to a report from Nielson’s Global Trust in Advertising, the second most trusted form of brand information is online consumer reviews.

Your online reputation could be directly affecting your business. A recent study found that 85-90% of consumers stated they trust an online review as much as a recommendation from a family member or friend. This can be troublesome for a company or business that has rubbed a family member the wrong way. Word of mouth and social media blasting amongst family and friends go a long way. That being said, so do reviews from everyday consumers. As you can see above, that percentage was not the amount of people relying on family/friend reviews, but the amount of consumers stating they trust an online review as much as a family/friend recommendation. Powerful.

Don’t look at every negative review as the end of your business. Negative reviews give business owners a chance to rescue a relationship, and change the perspective of potential customers. Know that at the end of the day, it is impossible to please everyone. Take steps to ensure you have a process in place to respond to these negative reviews in a timely manner and do not take offense to any negative review, period. The key word above is respond; as long as there is a reasonable response from an owner or manager, many consumers will overlook the small stuff.

  Posted: Friday, May 5th, 4:40pm 2 years ago

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