Lead generation is an important task for industrial contractors. It involves identifying and cultivating potential customers so you can make sure they know about your company and choose you over the competition.

1. Use Social Media to Generate Leads

Social media is an affordable source of leads that can take on a life of its own with the right strategy. Interacting with customers and sharing high quality content are a couple of ways that industrial contractors can generate leads on social media.

2. Be Strategic

It is important to test your strategies and see how they can be improved. For example, test different landing pages and versions of ads to see what works best and cut out anything that doesn't perform well.

3. Don't Forget a Call to Action!

Lead generation opportunities are lost when companies forget to include a call to action in their content. For every ad, blog post, or tweet, make sure viewers have a clear path to follow.

4. Make Gathering Lead Information Easy

Posting on social media and sharing valuable content gets clicks, but what comes next? Make sure you prompt visitors to leave their email in exchange for updates or other incentives so you can reach them again later.

5. Nurture Your Leads

Once leads are gathered, the next step is educating them and finding out what will push them to buy. Make sure the content you share is seen by your leads at the right time, depending on whether they just learned about your business or are almost ready to buy.

To learn more about how to attract your ideal customer, check out Spartan Spark's extensive list of Lead Generation Tools.

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