undefined When used correctly, Linked In has become an incredibly lucrative platform, especially for those in the manufacturing and distribution industry. With these few tips, you can engage an audience, turning more prospects into converted customers.

Shareable Content

In order to expand your reach, you're going to have to find ways to entice people to share your content. Highly shareable content is relevant to your audience and compels people to share it. What makes something highly shareable? It should stop people in their tracks. Videos, graphics, and posts that are relevant stand out in people's news feeds, and will make people want to share.

Create Strong Calls to Action

Create a strong call to action by asking people to engage. This will help manufacturers expand their reach. You can also invite people to comment on your posts, creating more engagement.

Aside from creating strong calls to action , try developing posts that create a sense of urgency (hurry! limited time! discounted tickets to a tradeshow!).

Mix it Up

Do you post to Linked In without using pictures? Never played around with video content? In order to succeed on LinkedIn, you'll have to mix up your content types. For manufacturing, try creating videos about your processes, specialized machines you're using, innovative methods, innovative staffing solutions, etc. Incorporating video into your content mix will increase the visibility and engagement of your entire page and will show your buyers you're a great company to work with.

Weekly Videos

If you are in the industrial sector, you may not think that weekly videos could be used for your Linked In business page. However, one video a week can expand your reach and engage your current contacts. Try showcasing what's happening around the shop or displaying your team at tradeshows and industry events.

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