With so many sites requiring logins these days, who doesn’t want a way to simplify the process? If you’re running Windows 10, there’s an option called ‘Hello’. However, in order to utilize it, you need to have the right hardware.

BIO-Key has recently introduced 3 types of fingerprint readers that replace the need to remember numerous passwords and login info.

BIO-Key’s 3 Types of Scanners

  • Eco ID - designed for desktop use, this device attaches to your computer via a short USB cord. You’ll be able to use it to access apps that have added Passport support simply by placing your finger on the sensor.

  • Side Touch - designed for tablets and laptops, this is larger than the Side Swipe due to the fact that its sensor is the same kind used in the EcoID.

  • Side Swipe - designed for tablets and laptops, this is about as small as USB fingerprint readers come right now. Roughly the same size as your fingertip, simply swipe over the sensor to authenticate.


All 3 readers are reasonable priced around $39.99USD, making them affordable options for the everyday user. Certified to work with Windows Hello, you likely won’t find a less expensive reader that comes with Microsoft’s stamp of approval!

Don’t Have Hello? That’s OK!

While many computers don’t offer webcams that work with facial recognition software such as Intel’s RealSense, Windows Hello works with a variety of other biometric devices. BIO-Key simplifies the process of adding one to your computer.

If your favourite apps don’t include Hello, don’t fret! You might still want to consider picking up a BIO-Key scanner for the software package, which allows you to tap or swipe anywhere an app like 1Password orLast Passwould.

  Posted: Friday, September 30th, 1:00pm 3 years ago

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